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happy travellersAfrica is a must-visit destination. While there are many travel agencies that can arrange your travel documents and itinerary we honestly believe that given the opportunity no one can do it better than Venue International Professionals, Inc.

  • We treat you like a VIP because you are VIPs to us. We book your flights, hotel accommodations and tour options for your trip.
  • Adventures in Africa are encouraged but we also see to it that you are safe during your trip. There are options for travel insurance when you book with us.
  • We strive to offer affordable Travel Packages up to “Top of the Line” Tour Arrangements. We offer a wide range of African tours that can be customized to suit from those tourists preferring budget travel up to tourists who demand high quality luxury.
  • For group tours larger than ten participants we generally will accompany the group if requested.
  • We know the tourism destinations and work closely with our colleagues in each African country to ensure quality of service and value for your money.
  • Lastly, we work with each client from inception of the tour program, through actual conduct of the tour program, through follow-up after the tour has been concluded. In other words, we are constantly striving to ensure that your expectations are met to the best of our team’s collective abilities.

VIP's Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a good and faithful servant who has finished his “Long Walk to Freedom” and is now truly at rest. He represented ultimate courage and sacrifice as he went from an “Enemy of the State to the Head of State” in South Africa. His legacy of freedom will forever mean that one’s life can actually make a difference in the noble cause for peace and justice for his people despite the country’s long and brutally oppressive history of apartheid.



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Straight Talk Africa Show

Greetings again all, here’s today’s show web show link: http://www.voanews.com/media/video/straight-talk-africa/3216689.html?z=0&zp=1

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